Nov 13

Good Afternoon :)

I must say that when it gets dark early it has been throwing me off. lol. around 6-7 I am already wanting sleep but I wait it out for a few more hours to sleep.
Wash’s Birthday around the corner more like next week. I was feeling stomped on what to do for his birthday. I mean to have it here or out there but I think he’s gonna have it here, possibly a little one out there with my mom. He is going to be three years old. Time sure does fly by and I am happy with myself that I’ve been able to stay at home with him. Now, that he’s getting older I know that I got get off my butt and get a job. I don’t know when that will be but when the time will come, it will. It’s been hard for me to leave him also finding a reliable sitter and rides. But I will soon. I know it.
Anyway…I will be missing black friday, was hoping to drive down to Duluth but I don’t think that will work. I sure can’t wait to be out there for abit in the meantime just gonna try and take my son out. Out as in outside, I’d like for him to get used the cold weather. Kids are already skating on the lake. Time to lace him up, which reminds me got to go play it again sports when I’m out and get a couple things for him :)
So..the last few weeks, I’ve been experiencing some side effects of a Birth control. A heads up, if you are planning to take the depo shot and if you had past experiences with anxiety, I repeat, don’t take it. I’ve been off that thing for almost 2 months and man, it was horrible. I am finally feeling okay to be alone in the house. The birth control (depo) does work good with some women but not me. They say the birth control stays in your system for a little over a yeah as each day passes, it gets better. There is so much more I can say about this but I’ll just keep it short.
It’s been 3 weeks now without drinking caffeine and having a smoke. All I’ve been drinking is water, basically. I’m not much a pop drinker either. The point to this is that I’ve been feeling alot better without the caffeine and cigarettes. I’ve been wanting to work out but I just get so lazy LOL. I was hoping to play broom ball this winter but I better start training soon, more like now! LOL Gosh so many things I want to do and I just can’t seem to make up my damn mind. But right now, I’m gonna whip some supper :) lol

until next time

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Nov 3rd


I know it’s late at the moment thought I’d come and do alittle update until wash say “MOMMY” lol anyway…today was alright me and wash went to go spend some time with grandma today. All afternoon and evening, I really enjoyed it considering that I’ve been stuck at home for a few days. Yes, Wash caught a cold. He had fevers and a cough, managed to break the fever but he’s still coughing abit. Grandma made some medicine for him. I have to sneak it in his apple juice though, glad he drinks it.
Two weeks ago, he got sick…Diarrhea and fevers. My goodness it’s been a rough few weeks for me. I got sick too. But as they say, they get a stronger immune system.
In other news, I figured out our next trip out :) can’t wait till head out. To cruise around since I got my g2 now :) don’t need to worry about getting rides.
Anyway he’s calling me now, watch some tv before bed…until next time

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Oct 15


Gosh my head hurts for some odd reason. I’m probably just tired :P …your just getting old sah LOL I need to get back to healthy eating and exercising again. I had way more energy. Lately, I’ve been indulging since my summer trip lol. well enough about that…

This past week I’ve been working in the evenings at the store. I don’t mind, I like it actually I keep myself busy all the time. Also, like to see other humans other than me staying home all the time LOL

Mornings, I get my boy ready for preschool. During the day, I’m keeping busy with beading, cleaning and cooking. I’m happy I figured out how to make an lanyard. I am almost done my first one :) On that note, I can’t seem to stop bidding on the beading auctions. They are just all pretty. I better stop, I think I have quiet a collection already. I love trying out new things and different styles of beading.

So, I will be getting some money next month and honestly don’t know what to do with it. Take a trip and go shop? or Save for a vehicle till winter road season? The thing is I don’t know how long I will staying in the community for. I would like wash to be in school down south but something is telling me to stay for couple more years. Even if I decide to leave I’d make our summer trips to come home and visit. I want wash to know KI.

My son was watching this cartoon called “Masha and the bear”. I noticed after awhile he started acting like that little girl. youtube it if you’d like. Anyway, I stop him from watching it and since than he’s been good. I got to be careful on what he’s watching. I need to find some learning dvd’s that he can watch in his room. I already have a couple but I think he’s getting bored of those.

anyways battery is low…better get to bed too….nite

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Oct 10

Good Afternoon, I decided to jump on the computer while waiting for the floor to dry. I swear my floor doesn’t stay clean for long. It bugs the heck out of me when its not clean. I must’ve gotten that from my parents. My mom used to not like her floor dirty. My dad is a clean freak. He doesn’t like germs. He’ll even admit it to you if you’d ask. lol My babes went for a ride with my fasha and brother, Rory.

Thanksgiving weekend was good, I’ve been stuffed since. I finally got to work on my beading yesterday, that’s what I’m gonna do today :) I still haven’t gotten to my orders, gosh forever waiting for me to finish. I’ll get ‘em done today, that will be my to do list today. In other news :P I won a makeup lot, YAY. I’m excited to try ‘em out. Its like art to me :) When I told my dad is won a makeup lot he says “Shuy Plastic” LOL..Hey don’t judge me.

I’ve been thinking of places to go next summer. I’d like to do a summer trips with my boy every summer.<3 It’s gonna happen. I know he’s still small and might not remember but I do and I’m sure he’ll remember some parts. So, I was thinking the states…I’m gonna work on our passports next year sometime. Now, that Washayquan has all his Id’s :)

I better go…


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Oct 7th

It looks like I’m going on a roll here, updating…

The weather is beautiful out today I would have liked to have a picture with my son outside with the different colored leafs. Unfortunately, I lost my I pod. It’s okay I can live without one for now, I’ll take washy out for a bit and make some memories :)

Earlier today, as I was waiting for my water to be delivered. We didn’t have water for awhile only overnight but we had enough though to last us. You thinking, why do I need water to be delivered? In some houses in the community, we are on the water main. Where I live we are under bedrock which is we don’t have water main. In order for us to have a water line they would need to blow up the rock. In simple wording. lol. I’m NOT complaining about it but rather enjoying it for the time being. I usually have a little back up water tank 20L just incase. In the midst of heating my water to do dishes, I was remembering what my mother used to say to me. How she and her siblings would carrying water to their home, to do the cleaning and maintaining the household. That’s a lot of trips, can you imagine the laundry? where they would have to use the scrub board to wash their clothing. Also to heat their water. I don’t know how many aunts and uncles you have but I have 9, on my mom’s side. YEP that’s a lot of water to carry. My reason to this is how lucky we are now, water is heated for us already. Also how much we take that for granted. I am just as guilty of it. We just turn a facet now, when my mom in her young years had to carry it. This makes me so thankful for what I’ve been blessed with and be happy with what I have.

Anyway today has been kinda of slow but its alright. I’ve been thinking of my sister, I miss her. Me and her don’t get along, we both have different views and we always end up bickering at each other. When we don’t, its nice. Her being so far away I feel like she’s alone and how much I just want to hug her. I’m not sure if she is alone, I’m just assuming. No matter what, I will still have love for her. ALSO to my nieces and nephews. ALWAYS!

I wanted to do some beading today, my beading mail came in yesterday…its like Christmas Day when beading mail comes in. I need to finish some orders that were requested. I’ve been slacking. I was thinking about a time in my life where things felt like everything was falling apart but during those times, I thought of things that I could do. You know like short term goals or just always wanting to learn something new. I thought about beading, I remember when I was young I didn’t have much friends lol I went to this lady’s house and her table with filled with beading supplies. I asked her to show me how to make a barrette, so she did. That’s how I learnt to loom bead and that’s where I learnt to bead. Also another way to keep myself busy.  Now, I have my own beading table with my beading supplies, sadly I don’t use my table because its in my room. My son is in the living room or in his room, I just usually bring out what I need at the table. I am glad I decided to pick up beading again, this was my short term goal, when I was in a bad place. Now I’m doing it :)
I was thinking of getting a table at the craft fair in Thunder Bay but I’m not sure if I would even have a collection. I’ve been slacking. In between orders I like to do something that keeps my interest in beading. I was like two days working on a lanyard, its not even finished yet but I’ve been wanting to try it. I almost got it figured out. I will eventually.

Anyway no more…I’m talked out! in this case write-out LOL…be back again soon ;)

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Oct 6

Well my birthday has come and gone :P (no one care sahkaykit LOL) it was an alright day…me and washy went bombing around, went to all of the stores. We got a ride for a few days, oh how things are so much easier with a ride and how much I can get done. We went to my grandma’s for a bit, she was cooking moose kidney. I vividly remember eating that when I was younger with onions. I had a piece and took me back as a child. I wasn’t a fan of it than but I thought it was delicious. My two aunt’s were in the porch cutting moose ribs with a handsaw. I still need to learn how they do that but when I was watching before I was like..ahhhh I don’t know if that’s such a good idea with me..I’m such a cluntz. LOL
I will though, one day…hopefully I will feel better next time. I felt bad I couldn’t be much of a help this year, damn cold.

So remember when I said I was gonna stay off facebook…that I deactivated…I activated the next day LOL shesh…I needed to get a hold of a couple people, facebook was the only way. Excuses say. LOL anyway…

I’ve been thinking about my late grandpa, Bob. I miss him. He would’ve loved my son very much. He used to call me and we used to just talk about anything. He would tell me stories. Some funny. Some sad. Some humor. I liked to hear about his hunting stories, those were cool. The things he would have to do. Where he used to travel to. He traveled to a lot of places. I used to wonder how he knew all these people and when elders ask me who my grandfather is, they’ll know him and with a smile. Yea, he would’ve loved my son..he was always worried about especially when I was carrying. He passed away 2 months before my son was born. I sometimes think he’s here, keeping us.

Washayquan Boblius Thomas Chapman has one grandpa left and that is my dad. My dad is on dialysis like I said before, my dad loves my son very much and wash loves my dad. I am very thankful that my dad is here with us. Some people get so worried for my son that because his dad is not around he wont have a male figure to look up too. I always say I have my brothers, my dad, my cousins and my uncles. I believe that he will be fine. They also get worried cause I’m a single parent. I do most things alone with my child. I refuse to just settle down with anyone. My child is priority and if someone wants to be in my life that he will have to be in my sons life as well, to live a positive and healthy lifestyle with us. Now, I’m not perfect and I still need work. But I just want a positive person in my child’s life preferably male. a little funny humor there. lol…shhhh but seriously. hehe

I just finished fighting with the moosemeat, I don’t have a kokom knife…I really need to get one, anyway I got stuck using a little knife which was the only one that was sharp enough. Meat, potatoes, onions, and carrots are in the slow cooker. I got my spices ready to go in a couple of hours. I haven’t had breakfast yet, gonna get busy doing that than start on the bannock. I got to get us ready and go for a drive, he’s been wanting to go out and that I will take him out. Go check out grandma’s see how everyone is doing there. I said I was gonna open the store this evening hopefully I can find a sitter. Anyway my stomach is making noise…chow

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Oct 4

Blessed with another day :)

Good Afternoon, me and babez just finished having late breakfast. He had french toast and I had leftovers. I made a big pot of stew yesterday and don’t like throwing away food.  It’s just been me and my washy. We caught a cold few days ago so I’ve been staying put at home, made fire, made lavador leaves tea and in our moccasin’s. Thankful for my friend that he blessed us with those last year. Today I am feeling a bit better but tomorrow I should be good :)

My pops went to go spend the night elsewhere, away from us LOL. He doesn’t want to get sick and I don’t want him to get sick either. His dialysis plus his sleep apnea. He gets really sick and barely gets any sleep when he’s sick. I do my best to try and keep things clean at all times. I disinfect as much as I could. I must’ve caught this cold (virus) from someone. I usually take tylenol before bed, drink lots of water, gargle my mouth with salt water and take a vitamin when I feel my body is about to get sick. just over the top Lol. Sometimes it works. I wash my dishes with dishsoap and javex, believe it or not. I don’t use lots just a cap full. (alittlebit). Than I rinse my dishes of course. Kills the germs.
I use javex for my floor too with Pine-sol (the purple kind) lol, I like that smell. I tried the other one’s before, the original one is ok but I like the purple-pinesol best. lol SHESH just blabbing away. Don’t get wrong, sometimes my place is a total disaster too its not always clean but I try to keep it clean. I must be bored talking about cleaning lol

Well, I can’t wait to go out and about soon. I’m down with the sickness :P like that song jk so cheap! lol. shit I better get off of this thing before I write more….clean up I guess, dance with my mop :P ….dammit…okay LATERS

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October 2

Wowerz, I haven’t updated in forever. I’ll probably see an update about people still actually update on knet. Uhmm..YEAH! so shut it. JK well I actually deactivated my facebook for now, I lost my Ipod. Ahh whatev’s which means to get a new one, perhaps a phone? See how long I can last without facebook. It is kinda sad knowing how much time I spent on that thing, so this could be a good thing. That’s where all my communication is with people but anyway my peeps know my phone number. If they really need to get a hold of me that is.
Well my day went well, spent it at my grandma’s with my aunties. This evening we went to go meet up with the plane with moosemeat. So I spent rest of my evening cutting moosemeat. I brought a bag home, gonna put it in the slow cooker tomorrow and make bannock. YUM!
My boy is learning and talking a lot. He knows his shapes, counting to 10 and  most of the alphabet. I remember I used to teach my little brother lewis those things when he was wash’s age now <3 Going down memory lane :) my babies <3
So, my birthday in a few days…31 years young LOL jk. Wow, in all honesty I didn’t know I was gonna make it to this age but I sure do feel blessed that I did. Wash’s 3rd Birthday next month, I wanted to have his birthday with his grandma. Last year, we were supposed to go Thunder Bay but it didn’t happen. It was okay though, he had a good birthday party. I planned 2 years ago, that I was gonna be the one to cook for his 2nd birthday alone and I did. I never really had to cook before I had wash because it was only me and I just wasn’t interested. Now, having a child its changed. Everything changed. I was so proud of myself for doing that for wash. lol. But NOW, I’m kinda of picky of what I eat or how its cooked. SHUY! so annoying.
Well anyways, just blabbing away…better get to bed, little washy has preschool in the AM.


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Have a fabulous day ✌️

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