Nov 13

Good Afternoon :)

I must say that when it gets dark early it has been throwing me off. lol. around 6-7 I am already wanting sleep but I wait it out for a few more hours to sleep.
Wash’s Birthday around the corner more like next week. I was feeling stomped on what to do for his birthday. I mean to have it here or out there but I think he’s gonna have it here, possibly a little one out there with my mom. He is going to be three years old. Time sure does fly by and I am happy with myself that I’ve been able to stay at home with him. Now, that he’s getting older I know that I got get off my butt and get a job. I don’t know when that will be but when the time will come, it will. It’s been hard for me to leave him also finding a reliable sitter and rides. But I will soon. I know it.
Anyway…I will be missing black friday, was hoping to drive down to Duluth but I don’t think that will work. I sure can’t wait to be out there for abit in the meantime just gonna try and take my son out. Out as in outside, I’d like for him to get used the cold weather. Kids are already skating on the lake. Time to lace him up, which reminds me got to go play it again sports when I’m out and get a couple things for him :)
So..the last few weeks, I’ve been experiencing some side effects of a Birth control. A heads up, if you are planning to take the depo shot and if you had past experiences with anxiety, I repeat, don’t take it. I’ve been off that thing for almost 2 months and man, it was horrible. I am finally feeling okay to be alone in the house. The birth control (depo) does work good with some women but not me. They say the birth control stays in your system for a little over a yeah as each day passes, it gets better. There is so much more I can say about this but I’ll just keep it short.
It’s been 3 weeks now without drinking caffeine and having a smoke. All I’ve been drinking is water, basically. I’m not much a pop drinker either. The point to this is that I’ve been feeling alot better without the caffeine and cigarettes. I’ve been wanting to work out but I just get so lazy LOL. I was hoping to play broom ball this winter but I better start training soon, more like now! LOL Gosh so many things I want to do and I just can’t seem to make up my damn mind. But right now, I’m gonna whip some supper :) lol

until next time

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